ul. Powstańców Wlkp. 16
61-895 Poznań
tel. 8543141; fax 8543149
e-mail: office@pfsl.poznan.pl

The Poznań Library Foundation was created in 1996 on the initiative of the Rectors of state universities and colleges of Poznań. On May 5th, 1996, the Foundation was registered with the District Court in Warsaw.

The Foundation is managed on the day-to-day basis by the Board and is supervised by the Foundation Council and the College of Rectors of the City of Poznań.

In its early years, the Foundation focused its efforts on the computerization of Poznań's scientific libraries. The chief tasks that the Foundation faced then were the choice and purchase of an integrated library system, organization of a public tender for the purchase of computer hardware, coordination of the process of system implementation, training librarians, and finally, establishing cooperation with other academic centers in Poland using a similar library system.

Today, the network of Poznań university libraries uses over 450 workstations and serves the needs of about 90,000 readers. Library databases (each of the ten libraries has its own database) are installed on two servers operated by the Poznań Supercomputer and Network Center. One of the Foundations responsibilities is to provide technical support for the library system. The foundation organizes training courses for librarians operating the system and regularly issues manuals helpful in using the system.

Since 1999 the Foundation has coordinated on a national scale the activities of a consortium of libraries taking advantage of electronic journals made available under EIFL program.

In 2001, on the initiative of the Poznań academic community, the Foundation commenced work on the Wielkopolska Digital Library.

President of the Board: Dr hab. Mirosław Górny prof. UAM
Vice-president of the Board: Dr Artur Wierzbicki